Life changes often come from the least expected circumstances. Nobody really thought 2020 would go the way it’s gone, but, human being are remarkably good at adapting, and finding new ways to bring stability and meaning into their lives, even under the craziest circumstances. If you want to see examples of that writ large, look no further than this tweet thread kicked off by Franklin Leonard: 

There were lot of answers across a broad range of categories, but some of the more heartwarming came in the form of finding out what kind of changes people had made for the better. Here are just a few examples (spoiler alert, a lot of them are very cute pets.)

12. The pen is mightier

I would absolutely do this if I had even remotely legible handwriting.

11. To the rescue!

The goodest boy in all of 2020.

10. Gettin’ into shape

We will allow this particular flex at this time.

9. Butterfly in the sky…

Take a look, it’s in a book!

8. Black beauty

That is one majestic floof.

7. Smitten with kittens

This is the best sale I’ve ever heard of.

6. Back to basics

Gotta rest up.

5. Crafty plans

I don’t fully understand this but it has the word “laser” and “Star Wars,” so I’m in.

4. Smoke and mirrors

That’s the right kind of tough love.

3. Hoop dreams

I truly hope the bottom tweet was written by that dog. We need a new Air Bud.

2. Nobody puts baby in a lockdown

Have you had the time of your life?

1. One wheely weird purchase

Look, it’s strange, but it’s also strangely inspirational.

Here’s to everyone who has found a new thing to focus some positive energy on! Best of luck! Hang in there!

What have you been up to in these crazy times?

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