Activist and film industry maverick Franklin Leonard recently posted something he would later call his unexpected “greatest ever tweet” when he posed a simple question to the people of Twitter:

Thousands of responses came flooding in, from the heartwarming to the banal to the fascinating. Unsurprisingly, many answers were about how folks were making themselves more comfortable while being stuck at home. Here are 12 of the ways people have taken their chill to the next level in the weirdest year ever.

12. The sacred scrolls

Phones are getting an extra workout these days.

11. Heavy sleeper

I tried one of these once. It was like being comforted by a slab of concrete.

10. Need for speed

This is no time for screw around.

9. Virtual Reality

It’s almost like I’m really outside!

8. Don’t sweat it

I need sweat tuxedos to become the new formal wear, I’m never going back.

7. Double whammy

He is one with the couch now. Leave him be.

6. Pretty good overall

I never thought I’d see these two words together.

5. Bidet to you too, sir

Look at this dude flex while the rest of us fight for toilet paper.

4. Rise above it

Chairing is caring.

3. Home theatre

I want to go to there.

2. Open skies

Defeat consternation with constellations.

1. Pineapple express

And finally, in the least surprising answer of all time:

Rogan clarified that he’s got a system for it: sativa during the day and indica at night. Well, as long as he’s being responsible like that I for one applaud his ingenuity.

What have you been doing in an effort to stay chill?

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