Women, in general, have spent generations worrying about things that, in the end, are nothing but a waste of time. We think we owe people things, we wonder what people thought about us days after interactions, we think people are judging us for things they haven’t thought twice about, and so on.

To that end, for whoever needs to hear it, here are 10 things you can knock off your radar.

10. Trying to change others.

You’ll save lots of time and energy accepting people for who they are, and choosing whether or not to let them in your life based on that reality.

9. Thinking we need to feel and look perfect every day.

There are days when we don’t have time to shower, when our hair won’t cooperate, we’re bloated, or we realize our old shorts don’t fit.

It’s okay. Being pretty isn’t something required of you 24/7.

8. Being (or trying to be) skinny.


A life of deprivation isn’t healthy, nor is it realistic. If you’re healthy and happy, and eating ice cream a few nights a week keeps you that way, don’t beat yourself up over a diet.

7. Being a perfect hostess and perpetual social butterfly.

Some women love hosting parties and flitting from guest to guest chatting about everything under the sun, but if that’s not you, there’s no requirement to pretend it is. You do you.

6. That your life is over after a certain age.


You can grow, learn, change, and adapt long after Hollywood would give you leading lady roles. It’s true.

5. Thinking you’re not allowed to make mistakes.

Even if you’ve made it before, it’s still okay. Life is long and winding, my friends. Mistakes happen. Move on.

4. That people won’t like you.


You can’t control what other people think about you, and honestly, does it really matter? Unless they’re people whose opinions truly matter to you, don’t give them any power over you.

3. That other people think your relationship is perfect.

It’s tempting to believe that everyone else’s relationship is as perfect as it looks online, but you know it’s not. Yours isn’t either, and that’s okay.

2. Stressing for days about objectively little things.

Give yourself a little grace, and learn to let go of things that don’t matter in the larger picture.

1. Conforming to society’s norms.

Dress how you want, wear your hair how you want, wear makeup or not – there’s no use comparing yourself to others or using their standards if you want to be happy.

All of these are good reminder for all of us, to be sure!

Do you agree? Do you think we worry too much?

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