Because honestly, aren’t adorable and funny cats relevant to everyone’s interests all the time?

I say yes, and so do these 12 felines who stand ready and willing to earn your awws, today and every day.

12. No need to buy kitty any more beds.

I bought a new bed for her and this is where she chooses to sleep
byu/voidcannotcarry inaww

11. So awkward it must be adorable.

10. When you find your bestie, you find your bestie.

Best friends from birth
byu/winnie-rae inaww

9. The cat is funny but also that’s a really nice shower.

8. Cardigans make everyone’s autumn better.

“Do I look dapper in my sweater?”
byu/cvsin inaww

7. “I say, that is one handsome cat.”

I think my sister’s cat is having an existential crisis.
byu/lanwayone incats

6. Snuggle up, little one.

5. Simba has nothing on this kitty.

My son is going through a rebellious phase and refuses to get down from the tree
byu/TheBreadSkeleton incats

4. I would like to bring a bit of autumn inside, please.

He bring leaf.
byu/Ghost360000 incats

3. He’s nailed the crazy face, for sure.

2. There’s simply more of him to love.

by incats

1. That wiggle has killed me dead.

I think my blood pressure just dropped 10 points!

Do cat pictures do the same for you? If not, how do you relax?

Enlighten us in the comments!