Because honestly, aren’t adorable and funny cats relevant to everyone’s interests all the time?

I say yes, and so do these 12 felines who stand ready and willing to earn your awws, today and every day.

12. No need to buy kitty any more beds.

I bought a new bed for her and this is where she chooses to sleep from aww

11. So awkward it must be adorable.

10. When you find your bestie, you find your bestie.

Best friends from birth from aww

9. The cat is funny but also that’s a really nice shower.

8. Cardigans make everyone’s autumn better.

"Do I look dapper in my sweater?" from aww

7. “I say, that is one handsome cat.”

I think my sister’s cat is having an existential crisis. from cats

6. Snuggle up, little one.

5. Simba has nothing on this kitty.

My son is going through a rebellious phase and refuses to get down from the tree from cats

4. I would like to bring a bit of autumn inside, please.

He bring leaf. from cats

3. He’s nailed the crazy face, for sure.

2. There’s simply more of him to love.

!! from cats

1. That wiggle has killed me dead.

I think my blood pressure just dropped 10 points!

Do cat pictures do the same for you? If not, how do you relax?

Enlighten us in the comments!