Nobody likes to think about death even when it seems like a far away concept; something you likely have decades before you truly have to face. Imagine the mental burden of dealing with the thought of death when you know that it’s much, much closer. When it’s less of an abstraction and more of an oncoming train, how do you prioritize your thoughts and your grief and make use of the time you have left?

These posts are real, anonymously submitted confessions from people who likely don’t have much time left.

10. Predictions

You wouldn’t be the first to beat the odds.

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9. Colors of the fall

It’s depressing to think how many of us spend our last days in such a sad place.

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8. Death and birth

The truly tragic part here is how young this person must be…

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7. Secrets revealed

How do you choose who to tell these things?

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6. Living it up

Haven’t we all thought about this?

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5. The burden of knowledge

What they do know might hurt them.

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4. The undiscovered country

What comes after this? A new place? Nothingness? Both are intimidating.

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3. Stability

What a horrible place to be.

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2. 90 day notice

There’s so much to figure out and so little time.

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1. Fight song

Some will never stop swinging.

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Death is a beast. It doesn’t just take the life of someone, it scars the lives of those who loved that person. Remember to hold each other tight. Appreciate and be kind to each other. You never know when it may be someone’s time to go.

Do you think about death much? If so, what pops into your head?

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