Ah, Twitter. An incredible world of insights, jokes, news, viewpoints, and of course, people dunking on each other like crazy.

It’s practically a national past time – and certain a spectator sport – to show off clapbacks on people who maybe should have thought about what they were saying and who they were talking to.

Here are 11 great examples of times people on Twitter got totally slammed.

11. Hell no

Didn’t your dad literally campaign for accused child molester Roy Moore?

10. Band wagon

I mean, this guy is clearly not such a big fan himself.

9. “A fan”

What a lucky guy.

8. Extreme

Is getting disrespected at airports just Tony Hawk’s whole life now?

7. Marvelous ignorance

Lemme mansplain your job to you.

6. Honest analysis

Who do you think you’re talking to?



5. Read up

His name AND his face are right there, dude.


4. Source?

This just in: that kid came from me.

3. Proper evidence

Self-reflection is important but this is ridiculous.

2. Check it

Seriously are people incapable of looking at names on things?

1. Absolute Kander

(Jason Kander is very very much a veteran.)

I guess it just goes to show you probably shouldn’t go running your mouth without thinking twice about it, lest your words forever become a part of Twitter infamy. When in doubt, better to keep your thoughts to yourself.

What’s the best Twitter slam you’ve ever been witness to?

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