It’s a widely known fact that that being an adult generally sucks. But I have good news: it turns out, in addition to all the responsibilities and junk, you can also goof the hell around and not only is it acceptable, the internet will probably celebrate you for it!

At least that’s what’s happening with this list, and I’m all for it. Enjoy these 10 examples of adults turning the adulting knob down low for a bit.

10. The rule of fours

At least crass isn’t cliche?

9. Home decor sends a message

And this message isn’t very long.

8. This is probably why they died out

Must run faster.

7. This might not workout

“He’s training his TREADS, Karen!”

6. Binge & Jerry’s

You’re losing money if you DON’T buy it.

5. Hooray for Delay

Ironically, the movie was Up.

4. Keeping with the times

Get good, young man.

3. Ahead of his time

I can think of worse ways he could have used his body to simulate a moon.

2. Does whatever a best friend can

Signs a page, any size.

1. Not to scale

It’s cute AND pervy. Curvy? Wait, no.

In closing, please remember to do something ridiculous today. Your brain needs it; science probably said so. Yeah, science… remember that?

Anyway, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve done lately? I folded my laundry, messed it all up and then folded it again. Why? I don’t know.

Anyway, tell us about what you’re doing right now in the comments!