The internet loves a good clap back. And let’s be honest, so do you.

Nothing like a well-placed zinger of a response to make you feel like an intellectual superhero.

That’s why this collection is so hilariously good. They’re the sort of responses you totally think of later, in the shower, and then wish you had a time machine so you could go back and throw ’em out in the moment.

Enjoy these clever comebacks, wonderful one-liners, and ridiculous retorts.

10. Gotta catch my breath

Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!

9. Who jokes the joker?

And on that day, I became: The Dad.

8. A strongly worded letter

We literally spilled the tea about this.

7. Watch yourself

OK but turning off WiFi is cruel and unusual punishment.

6. Intergalactic planetary, planetary intergalactic

The answer you seek is very close to home.

5. Hiss

My diet plan is that I’m planning on dieting eventually.

4. Put in your place

Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

3. The ultimate form of protection

When your parents are burning you this hard, it’s time to move out.

2. The invisible woman

It’s all becoming very clear now.

1. Size doesn’t matter

Why are you walking right into this, dude?

Man, I wish I was as clever as any of these folks. Maybe one day. Just gotta go exercise my…clever…muscles?

What’s your favorite comeback?

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