It’s a dramatic image – a former lover, now scorned or scared, battered or filled with doubt, steals out of their shared home and leaves their partner behind forever to start a new chapter in life, or maybe a new life altogether.

But it’s not just the the stuff of cinematic storytelling or dime store novels, it’s a really decision that real people make all the time. Somewhere, maybe not too far from where you are, someone is thinking about doing it right this very moment.

Here are a few stories about the people who went through with it, why they did, and the aftermath.

10. Caught cheating

Just because he was caught doesn’t mean he was actually sorry.

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9. Sick burns

That’s pretty cold.

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8. Broken

Sending a message he’ll never forget.

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7. No tell hotel

Enjoy it.

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6. What to do

You don’t do that with kids.

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5. After eight whole years

Nobody can ever know.

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4. Get out

150, huh? That’s impressive!

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3. Nothing but PJs

Here’s hoping you can now sleep more soundly in them.

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2. The anniversary

The journey will just get better.

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1. Knives out

The flags don’t get a lot redder than that.

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Whew. Glad I haven’t had to deal with something like that. Yet.
It’s pretty wild to think about how two people can go from so in love to circumstances the likes of these.

Have you had experience with this sort of thing?

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