“Our youth is fleeting
Old age is just around the bend
And I can’t wait to go gray

And I’ll sit and wonder
Of every love that could have been
If I’d only thought of something charming to say

Bop-ba (bop-ba)
This is the sound of settling”

That song, literally titled The Sound of Settling, is a weirdly upbeat emo-pop anthem from back in my day. I don’t think I ever really understood it as a teenager, but as an adult who’s experienced more of what it’s describing – it can be a pretty unsettling (ha) tune.

Because settling is never fun, as these anonymous folks found out.

10. “For so long…”

It can take forever to get there.

Source: Whisper

9. “It was a mistake”

It always feels that way in hindsight, no matter what’s going on in the present.

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8. “Never again”

This I swear to me.

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7. “Because we had sons”

Turns out, kids aren’t really better off with parents that can’t stand each other.

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6. “Can’t believe I settled!”

The cry of exes and lawsuit-bringers alike.

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5. “It turned out terribly.”

It pretty much always does.

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4. “I see it”

Yes, that is literally the definition of the phenomenon.

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3. “Just didn’t work”

“He hated all my friends. Didn’t even hide it.”

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2. “I learned my lesson”

But it’s a lesson hard-taught.

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1. “Idk any other explanation”

Go you.

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Guess it’s better to just live alone than to settle.

Or is it?

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