There’s not a lot worse than realizing you settled for someone – except perhaps realizing that the person you’re with settled for you. That’s a pretty big gut punch if ever there was one.

In any case, settling doesn’t really make anybody happy. It may bring stability, it may feel better than chaos, but there are a lot of costs involved too.

That’s what the people behind these anonymous confessions had to discover for themselves.

10. If I had one wish

Is that something you still want to do?
Even now that it’s over?

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9. Blinded by the light

“And therefore our marriage would succeed.”

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8. Pass the germs

It’s weird how these things get so dark so fast.

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7. My almost ex

Don’t give up just yet – there may be something better on the horizon.

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6. Different wants

Security is a heck of a drug.

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5. So close and so far

It’s hard not to rush in when you’re feeling insecure about your prospects.

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4. The ex factor

Feels like there’s a pattern sometimes, doesn’t it?

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3. Unsettling

As in, it’s unsettling how unsettled I was before I decided to finally unsettle.

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2. The beginning

The seeds of doubt have been planted and will only grow from here.

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1. The feeling isn’t mutual

And thus is most heartbreak born.

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It’s probably better to make it through life on your own than settle for someone you don’t want.

Or do you disagree with that sentiment? Why or why not?

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