The world around us is changing pretty rapidly. It can be pretty scary, pretty intimidating, but also – kind of exciting. There are a lot of things we as individuals can’t control, but there also things we can have a big impact on, and choices we can make for ourselves to embrace a change entirely for us. These can be big, like lifestyle shifts or a major commitment, but they can also be smaller, more symbolic changes that nonetheless bolster our confidence and help us think of today as a new chapter.

That’s the attitude celebrated by many on the subreddit r/Hair, where there’s a long tradition of people posting before and after transformation pictures of themselves trying out a new look, and a new feel. It’s pretty uplifting stuff to look through!

10. Decisions, decisions

Looks right to me!

I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing. from Hair

9. DIY

To answer your question: way, way better than I ever could.

1st time cutting my own hair. How’d I do? from Hair

8. Long hair don’t care

He gained all that hair and lost all that shirt.

20 months and love it. from FierceFlow

7. Rainbow bright!

You should try all the colors of Roy G Biv. For science!

I did my own hair this week! I was all dark brown 5 days ago. from Hair

6. Flowing locks

Look at those rosy cheeks!

One year of growth. I’ve cut it 4x in the last year and dyed it pink over my natural color (no bleach) from Hair

5. Shave and a haircut

You’re pullin’ off a wide range!

Three years of growth! 🙂 I loved my shaved head but I’m loving my long hair, too. I love seeing everybody shaving their hair off right now lol. I’ll join y’all again someday!! from Hair

4. Fire and ice

Mr. Steal Your Mrs. Claus.

First time in 25 years with longer hair! Thoughts? from FierceFlow

3. Poppin’!

Turns out it’s actually not all that difficult being green.

Took the leap, and dyed it green!?? from Hair

2. Long story short

You could tell me these were two different people and I’d believe you.

My local salon opened up for one person at a time, so I finally did this! I’m in love with the outcome. from Hair

1. Home of the shave


Shaved my head to raise money for CLIC Sargent! Raised nearly £800 :)) from Hair

Whether you’re facing big changes, small changes, or anything in-between, remember that you’ve got the power to make decisions for yourself and your image – and that can feel pretty good!

What look are you thinking of trying next?

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