I’m  going to ask you to do something pretty painful right now.

I want you to think of the biggest bedroom fail you’ve ever had. The time that you were going for hot and steamy and ended up with egg metaphorically all over your face. (Or literally, maybe? If your thing involved eggs? But why would you ever expect that to work? Sorry, I’m getting off topic. Stop distracting me with your weird egg fetish.)

Anyway, now that you’ve done the hard work of recalling that incident, here is your moment of healing. We’re gonna look at 10 other real bedroom fails that might just make you feel better about your own by comparison.

10. Threesome

Who’s idea was this and why was it happening?

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9. Fruit

I think the idea is more like, seductively feed each other strawberries or whatever.

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8. Mff

Again, why are people getting into all these threesomes they clearly don’t like?

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7. Doggy style

Holy crap that’s like…not even funny, that’s just severe.

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6. Choking hazards

Gotta be real real careful when you get into this territory.

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5. The 69

Yeah I’m not sure geometrically that all adds up.

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4. Blindfolded

Well now we know that you’ll totally be able to take care of yourself in a hostage situation.

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3. Scissoring

The legend disappoints.

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2. Blinded by the light

Gotta work on your aim game, sir.

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1. Playing rough

“Not tonight, I have a headache.”
“You do?”
“Oh, right, sorry.”

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There, now don’t you feel better?

What was YOUR bedroom fail?

Tell us in the comments.