It’s hard to tell if anyone is serious on dating apps. Presumably we’re all there for one reason or another, but most of us try to play it off like we’re half joking. The results can be confusing, but also, yanno, hilarious.

Take for instance this collection of Tinder weirdness that will probably make you want to swipe right on everything.

10. Chivalry is not dead

9. That’s a yikes from me

8. Out, heathen!

7. It’s a cheesy pick up line

6. Why are so many of these pasta themed?

5. No wasting time with this guy

4. Too much, man. Too much.

3. No returns

2. I just need an assistant

1. But what will you silverWEAR?

After that, swiping through your own Tinder matches might be disappointing. But don’t despair. Someone weird is out there, waiting for you.

What’s been your weirdest experience on dating apps?

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