There are a lot of pretty weird mating rituals in the animal kingdom. Elaborate, inscrutable things that make us all scratch our heads and laugh a little bit while David Attenborough does his best to describe them with a straight face.

But seriously, we have no room to talk. Human mating rituals are the weirdest, most varied and elaborate things ever.

Take for instance our use of dating apps like Tinder, and our propensity to try to stand out through weird, ironic, meta-use of the app so that strangers we literally can’t even see might want to talk to us for a minute.

Where do we go from there? We have no idea. But our foot is in the door, and in the wild world of nature, sometimes that’s all you can hope for.

Enjoy these 10 examples of humans doing their best to connect with each other in the strangest ways.

10. Big money

Is this a Tinder bio or lyrics from a white Soundcloud rapper or both?

9. One liners

I am legitimately in love.

8. Subtlety

This is the absolute pits.

7. To the moon

This Tinder profile is solid gold.

6. Daddy issues

This may not be your most effective avenue, bud.

5. Love me Tinder

Mind. Blown.

4. Survival of the fitness

Gotta rap this up.

3. A classic

No one here can throw stones.

2. Tale as old as time

Some things never change.

1. Catching feelings

Get him before he’s gone.

You gotta love it when they put the pick-up line right in the bio so that we’re not even pretending it’s actually personal.

What have your experiences been like on Tinder?

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