Do you have any secrets? Yeah you do!

Listen, we all do and that’s not a bad thing. It kind of unites us all, right? And having secrets is fine… just as long as you really want to keep them to yourself. Because if you don’t want to… if you want to really share it with the world, but you feel that you can’t… that’s when problems start popping up.

These 10 people have various secrets of various degrees that will probably make you very curious to learn more.

Let see what’s up!

1. Lying to yourself or lying to somebody else?

They’re not always the same thing, ya know.

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2. Is it a big deal to come out as an atheist?

That’s really a thing these days? Not believing in sky santa?

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3. Oh, that’s really naughty.

So very, very, very naughty.

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4. Yeah, that’s going to change soon.

You’re not gonna be able to hide that.

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5. Doesn’t sound like a devil to me.

Sounds like a fun time!

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6. The dog? Really?

Can’t you just name your dog whatever you want?!?

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7. Are you sure?

You can tell your boyfriend that you work for the government, right?

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8. I can feel ya.

That can be quite a crazy time.

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9. Wait…. 11 years?

Girl, that is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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10. Oh, you’re SUCH a rebel.

Just show of your tattoos, Becky!

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So, those are the people living double lives, and, to be honest, I’m not THAT shocked.

I mean, is it that hard to come out as atheist? Really?

Have any scandalous secrets you want to share?

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