Is it healthy for couples to spend all of their time with each other?

When you fall in love, all you want to do is spend time with your significant other and, when you don’t, you miss them. For most couples though there’s usually limit to that desire. These 11 couples however know no bounds.

From bathroom conversations to sharing everything and anything, find out the lengths they will go to make sure they’re never apart.

11. But is it perfect?

Or perfectly creepy? Sorry, I judge.

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10. Yeah, this one isn’t meant to last.

Move on lady! It ain’t working out.

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9. Maybe you’re codependent?

Just a thought.

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8. I want a love like this.

Wait, no I don’t want to be smothered. Next!

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7. There’s a common them of “together”

Have you noticed it?

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6. Together. Together. Together.


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5. More togetherness!

How very quaint.

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4. Every shower and poop?

Get some help, lady. Seriously.

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3. I can get behind that.

And on top of it. And on the side of it. And in front of it.

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2. Oh wow… I guess that’s cool?

Unless it’s going to hurt you, then it’s weird.

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1. So you’ve never met?

Meet already!

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How about it? Do you think these relationships are healthy? Does it really matter?

Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are. Good, bad, ugly, whatevs!

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