Performing in bed is a common topic of conversation between me and my friends, and I have to tell you… not everybody is feeling it these days. Corona has got us all feeling pretty unmotivated because we’ve been around our significant others so long and the nookie has gotten a bit boring.

And when things get boring… interest goes down.

And when interest goes down… other things go down. Yanno what I’m saying, fam?

These 11 fellas reveal what it’s like when they’ve got too much on their mind and they have to step up to the plate.

1. Haha… who says this?

She’s not a very nice person.

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2. Well, if you think it is… it is!

Just get some confidence, kid!

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3. Well, that’s kind of dumb.

Why so serious?

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4. Time to go see a therapist!

This seems pathological… but fixable!

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5. Oh get over it!

That’s so stupid.

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6. Well, you shouldn’t be nervous, but it’s understandable.

Not just because you’re a guy… but because you’re a human!

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7. Just bust a nut!

She’ll understand.

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8. It was painful?

Go get that checked out!

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9. Then throttle it down!

Shouldn’t be that hard. Or if it’s hard… maybe make it softer?

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10. Yeah, that’s not uncommon.

Just tell her you’re done and you had a good time. It’s not all about the big O.

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11. Yeah, that’ll work out.

Not a long term strategy for sustained happiness.

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Folks… you need go get some help. Therapy, therapy, therapy!

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do to get over it?

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