No one ever expects to stay in a homeless shelter at any point in their life, but tough times can send you down unexpected paths.

For people who do end up at these facilities, the experience can be difficult to say the least.

These 10 homeless individuals open up about their real and raw experiences at shelters.

Find out what they had to say in these heartbreaking confessions.

10. Hey, that’s some progress!

Good job parent!

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9. That is so tragic.

I’m so sorry that happened to you.

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8. Yeah, that’s no place to raise a family.

Time to save up and get an apartment!

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7. Is there any other reason this is happening?

What’s stopping you from getting a job?

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6. This person needs to go!

I can’t believe folks like this exist! Ugh.

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5. The good with the bad.

It almost always happens this way.

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4. Is the food that bad?

I’ve volunteered at a lot of these places and the food isn’t that bad.

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3. Yikes! That really sucks.

Lice are the worst!

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2. For your kid’s sake, tell their dad.

I mean, would YOU want to grow up in a homeless shelter?

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1. Yes! Keep fighting!

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It takes a lot of guts to go to a homeless shelter and make your way back out of there.

If anybody reading this has ever been in a shelter, would you share your story?

If so, do that in the comments. Please and thank you.