Tumblr is like a thirft store. Most of the times that you walk in there, you don’t even know what it is you’re looking for, and a lot of what you’ll see won’t make much of an impression, but you can rest assured that something is going to catch your eye.

Something weird.

Something wonderful.

Something simultaneously strangely out of place and yet so perfectly fitting.

Yes, you’re going to find a piece of treasure in there if you’ll just keep your eyes open, and that’s what makes the whole experience magical.

Here are 10 Tumblr treasures you didn’t know you needed to see today.

10. Next-level Spoonerisms

I did cot see that noming.


9. Two thumbs up

And now he has a story about that rude driver who mocked him.


8. I am

It’s not just the guac on THIS burrito that’s extra.


7. Just for reference

They have to take all that repressed energy somewhere.


6. The power in the blood

Doctors hate him for this one weird trick.


5. Mix it up

The exception that proves the rule.


4. A lot to digest

We should throw the whole thing out.


3. Establishing dominance

This kid is either in prison now or he’s a CEO.


2. Courtship rituals

In some cultures I believed you are not considered betrothed.


1. Life’s great mysteries

Has any human being even opened the “3D paint” program yet?


If this WERE a thrift store, I’d pay top nickel for every one of these posts.

What are your favorite things to find on Tumblr?

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