When Tinder first started, I kind of doubt the creators understood that their dating app for a new generation would eventually see a secondary function as a way for all of us to make and share weird screenshots of everyone’s tongue-in-cheek attempts at standing out as potential partners. But that’s kind of exactly what happened, and now we all get to reap the benefits.

Check out these 12 apparently real Tinder profiles that break the mold in the best possible way.

12. Holy shirt

Odd but to the point. I can respect that.

11. Just Scott things

Which is whiter, the man or the milk?

10. The dichotomy

This is not true. Sometimes we’re sleepy.

9. Hot takes?

This is the kind of in depth analysis we all need, surely.

8. Fantasy date

You’re in for a wild time with James.

7. It’s practically camping

Gotta love the great outdoors.

6. Virgin records

I am uncomfortable.

5. Match maker

I was today years old when I realized this.

4. A hole in my heart

She’s on the right tracks.

3. To the rescue!

Man bun man is the hero we truly need.

2. Storied accomplishments

One day this will be on my tombstone.

1. Wish fulfilled

You can retire now?

I’d date every single one of these people based solely on these screenshots and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind.

What have your experiences on Tinder been like?

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