First let me just say this: there’s nothing funny about what’s happening in 2020. But there’s a lot funny about the ridiculous situations we’re finding ourselves in while we try to wait it out.

All over Twitter people are sharing their stories about what it’s like trying to work, learn and socialize from home whilst occasionally braving the toilet-paper-crazed outer world.

This collection of recent coronatastic-fail tweets look at the lighter side of the struggle. Maybe by the end of this we’ll all at least have some good stories?

10. Tinder in the time of this craziness….

9. “Vince Adultman, nice to meet you”

8. Who’s teaching who?

7. General chaos

6. “I don’t keep up with politics”

5. Two sides to every coin

4. You know you can drink at home, right?

3. Maybe just use up one of your nine lives

2. A common enemy

1. No excuses

Honestly, that’s just a tiny taste. Twitter’s kind of a gold mine right now. Go enjoy the jokes now before we all get sick of them. (No pun intended?)

What’s tripped you up about staying at home?

Let us know in the comments. It’s like we got anywhere to be.