Feeling a little stuck just staring at your screen right now? Let memes transport you away!

Memes are created by people all over the world, so if you think about it, scrolling through memes is really like being a sophisticated globe-trotter, taking in the cultures and perspectives of all the world’s peoples.

Or maybe it’s just fun. Whichever perspective helps you more. Let’s explore some memes together and feel like we’re doing something today!

11. Could you BE any more you?

10. Yeah, I’m lettin’ loose

9. Appetizer anxiety

8. Bruh that’s a choke-hold

7. Dogs abhor a vacuum

6. “Ok but why?”

5. Spontaneous generation fails again

4. Bet they all still canceled D&D tho

3. We’re all kids at heart


2. Give me one good Riesling not to

1. We all have a legacy

Wasn’t that exciting? Those memes could have come from anywhere! Like very stupid messages in internet bottles, floating along the waves of bandwidth. It’s beautiful, really.

Which one was your favorite?

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