Living with another person is hard. If it’s your family, a roommate, a partner – human beings (including ourselves, I guess) are just weird and gross and we have habits we don’t even realize are annoying until someone else points it out.

Cohabitation can be a real test for a relationship, but less so if one or both parties can manage to keep their sense of humor.

In that way, at least, these 10 tweets should help.

10. How else are things going to get done once you’re gone?

9. I mean, can he not see it?

8. This is the truth.

7. Because getting up is just out of the question.

6. It’s important to be there for each other.

5. You know she still loves you because she pretended to listen to the whole thing.

4. And then, Your Honor, I grabbed HIS pillow…

3. Can I get an amen?

2. That was so cute.

1. Don’t mess with that one.

Good luck out there, romantics. Try to keep some of the mystery alive.

What’s your advice for people getting ready to live together for the first time?

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