Anxiety and Twitter. Is there a better match?

Listen, a lot of us have anxiety. Some of it comes and goes, and some of it can be downright crippling.

For me… some days I can overcome it. Other days, not so much… but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy other people tweeting about their anxiety.

These 11 souls are my spirit animals. Or tweeters.

Whatever, just read…

1. I would pay serious money for this

2. I question this often

3. And I still get it wrong

4. Finally, an answer

5. 24/7

6. I want this shirt

7. Oh, I care!

8. I feel ya!

9. Be cool. No one will notice.

10. This is why I get my groceries delivered

I’ve never felt more seen in my short/medium sized life.

What do you think? Any of these speak to you in particular?

Let us know in the comments!