Does it ever amaze you how truly dumb some people are? Like, how do they get along in everyday life? Work at a job? Pay bills? Just generally function in society?

It’s all a big mystery to me…

Folks on AskReddit talked about the flat-out stupid people they’ve met in life…hang on tight for these responses…

1. You’re very close…

“In freshman biology class we were reviewing the subatomic particles, and the teacher asked a girl to list them.

She responds with “Protons, Electrons, and Decepticons” and could not figure out why the class was laughing at her.”

2. Ancestry.

“This Jamaican guy started making fun of me because I was from Africa.

A bit stunned, I’m like, “where do you think your ancestors came from?”


“And before that?”


“No. Africa”

“No. Jamaica.”

No he was not all native american descent (or white or whatever)… he was a black as the night.”

3. How is this real?!?!

“Girl in my astronomy class: “So if I went out into space could I like push the stars around and knock them into each other and stuff?”

Teacher: “No, they are incredible massive objects”

Girl: “But they look so little!”

4. A very serious threat.

“This girl at my school : “I don’t swim a lot during the summer because I do not want to get water cancer”

You mean skin cancer? From the sun?

“No. Water cancer. You can get cancer from the pool water.””

5. She was surprised?

“This girl, at the age of 22, took an electric fan and threw it in a bathtub to clean it.

The apartment lit on fire.

She was surprised.”

6. Where we going with this?

“My old roommate’s boyfriend. He spent the better portion of dinner/movie stating how food has too much preservatives in it anymore, and that’s why there are trees that have been petrified.

Petrified trees, because of preservatives in food.

Also, you can’t eat “Bucky Balls” (or any magnet in general) because your body works off of electrical currents, and if you ate a magnet, it could disrupt them.

She was also pretty dumb, spent an entire night sobbing about being pregnant, gets an abortion, and then makes a point to call out people on facebook for discussing the topic, saying things like “I could never do that to an unborn child, every child is a gift” (when that whole brainless kid fiasco was happening on facebook a few years back)

I don’t miss either of them.”

7. Seeing is believing.

“A girl in my 10th grade history class said, ‘I don’t believe in Europe because I haven’t seen it.’

The joy of public education.”

8. That is amazing.

“A co-worker of my dad’s, whom I’ve met a few times.

She was a middle aged woman and she believed that there were huge black lines on the ground separating each of the states in the US.

You know how they show the state borders on political maps?

Yeah, she thought those were really there.”

9. A little-known fact.

“A guy in my history class once asked ‘Didn’t Hitler die from breast cancer?'”

10. Also delusional.

“My ex roommate’s boyfriend. He was 22, he actually idolized Bieber, One Direction, etc., and did everything he could to be like them.

He was also homophobic, probably gay because he often wore his girlfriend’s clothes from forever 21, and refused to get a job because “the band is totally gonna make it!”. He also pushed his girlfriend down a set of stairs, and was so in love with himself that he took mirror selfies, posted them on his facebook, then sent them to his facebook page that he made for himself. Absolutely the worst person I’ve ever met.

To make sure he didn’t come to the house, I actually convinced him that our building was built on an ancient Indian burial ground and that strange things did happen from time to time.

He never came back.”

11. She’s right!

“One of my wife’s girlfriends.

Someone told her a riddle about a train traveling north at a certain speed etc, to which she replied, “oh you can’t fool me, because I know that north is up” points to the sky.”

12. Time to give up.

“My college roommate was, without a doubt, the dumbest person I have ever met. She was writing a paper about segregation could not grasp how “separate but equal” was a bad thing despite 2 people trying their damndest to explain it to her. After nearly half an hour my other roommate and I just gave up and left the room. I still wonder how she passed that class.

And she once asked what the difference between legal and illegal was. She wanted to know “which was the bad one.”

This girl now teaches elementary school. Her poor students.”

13. You’ll never be President.

“A friend of mine back in sixth grade.

Learned only “natural born” citizens can become president of the United States.

Says she can’t become president as she was a C-section baby.”

14. A high school student said this?

“Way back in high school a girl in my class said

“i know you couldn’t, but if you could hold your breath long enough could you like swim under Australia?””

The answer to that last one… “Yes. Absolutely.”

Alright, we’re sure you’ve heard some REALLY dumb stuff in your day from REALLY dumb people, yeah? Let us know in the comments!