On a scale from “I consult with my nutritionist and personal trainer to do monthly meal planning with only locally grown whole foods hand-fed to me by the farmer himself” to “sometimes I put cream cheese on Cheez-Its to make Cream-‘Ems,” how health-conscious would you say that you are?

Personally, I’m closer to the latter than the former, and while I know that’s not great, it sure does allow me to laugh pretty hard at a lot of tweets about the health struggle.

It’s easy to get swept up in worry when it comes to our bodies. We gotta chuckle sometimes too.

10. The easy way

I hear you, and what I’m saying is absolutely not.

9. Mixing it up

These apples will never hurt anyone again.

8. Diagnostic mysteries

Listen to the voice inside of you, but not the one that’s being a total bummer right now.

7. It’s a miracle!

Apple knows things that we mere mortals couldn’t dream of.

6. Size doesn’t matter

Thanks, I hate it.

5. Pediatric hydration strategies

Yes I am a baby and baby needs this hangover gone.

4. Getting your exercise

You mean I gotta walk all the way back to my dresser?

3. Deadly serious

Are we the first generation to meme about mortality like this?


2. Watch me whip

Maybe she’s just eating it right from the tub at night?


1. Genetic issues

Better know all about this body so I can keep ignoring it.

Remember to like, I dunno, have a carrot or something if you haven’t in a while. I’ve heard that’s good. I’m no scientist.

What are your big health tips?

Share ’em in the comments.