When Beyonce wrote her iconic song single ladies, an anthem to singlehood, she herself was married to Jay Z.

At the time of writing more than a decade later, she still is. I’m tempted to wonder what Jay feels every time she belts out the anthem to not being with anyone she created while five years into marriage with him. He gets it, I’m sure. It’s showbiz.

And that’s how I make myself feel better about singlehood all the time. I just tell myself “that’s showbiz, baby,” and then I read these funny tweets.

10. What are you, chicken?

When we make eye contact as I am doing the same from my vehicle, we’ll both know.

9. Buying in bulk

Sounds good, how much do I need to invest?

8. Changing expectations

One day my prince will come. Here, specifically.

7. Playing the odds

So it’s a high probability day then?

6. Very considerate

The algorithms are getting to know us and it’s terrifying.

5. But how?

We’ve done it, we’ve broken all the digital barriers.

4. The conundrum

Yes, and I don’t appreciate having to look at this with my eyes.

3. The upside down

You go right, we’ll take what’s left.

2. The matchmaker

Siri is tired of your crap and trying to make something happen for you.

1. The grass is always greener

What a fun lesson to relearn every few years.

If you’re single, I feel ya. I mean I don’t, because we’re both alone in different places. Ok, I made myself sad again.

What do you think is the best thing about being single?

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