The generation wars began when my group, the Millennials, took up rhetorical arms against the Baby Boomers.

Our grievances included being left nowhere to live, having our wages constantly suppressed, and being provided with both a blisteringly embarrassing political climate and a slow-roasting planet.

And now, it is Gen Z’s turn to battle their elders, and as their rallying cry, they have mostly chosen to rage against Harry Potter fandoms and the word “adulting.”

So yeah, let’s war, I guess.

11. So cute

You’ll find your drink of choice soon enough, don’t worry about it.

10. Doggo

Ok but the thing is, we are.

9. Adulting

It’s because we’ve been provided the same adults responsibilities as past generations without the same resources.
And also we’re QuIrKy!

8. The Wizarding World

Honestly past a certain age this is fairly cringe.

7. Self-burn

Don’t fight it, own it. Nobody beats time.

6. No clue

We know what it is we just still don’t get TikTok.

5. Doing a thing

Stop doing things and go back to doing that thing I’m always telling you to stop doing.

4. Hot for bae

Whoa, it’s like there’s one in the room with us right now.

3. Pizza party

It’s the finest dining around, baby.

2. The paradox

Ok if we wanna have personalities, they can NOT involve pizza, that much is clear.

1. It’s in the jeans

All that is old is new again. Except for us.

This war will be a brutal one, but mostly because one side ain’t gonna fight it.

We are tired, we are broke, and we’re very used to staying inside now.

What do you think of the generation wars?

Tell us your battle strategies in the comments.