Twitter is ablaze, having a grand old time roasting Millennials (or in some cases just…pointing out millennial traits without commentary. I mean not to sound salty, but let’s try for some jokes, huh?)

In my time scrolling through them, I, as a Millennial, feel that some criticisms are fair, and others maybe not so much.

Let’s take on some of these random complaints and see how we judge them.

10. Kate McKinnon

I was not aware of any Kate McKinnon super fandom going on, but sit down, she’s a treasure.

9. Moist

We collectively realized that it was a gross word several years ago and now it’s a tired joke. Fair criticism.

8. Bar Carts

They’re stylish and practical for our tiny apartments. No points to you.

7. Right, right

This is definitely overused, and puts me in the position where I’m supposed to agree with you even if I don’t. Agreed.

6. Air Fryers

We love anything that allows us to cook without having to know how to cook. Fair enough.

5. Cartoons

Yeah, we can probably keep that more to ourselves.

4. Cheese Boards

We use them to pretend to be doing something expensive and classy that we can’t afford to do.
I have mixed feelings on this criticism.

3. Air Purifiers

The air we breathe is disgusting and we’re stuck inside all day. This is legit.

2. “Clients”

Sometimes it’s merited, sometimes it’s BS. I’ll allow this one.

1. Did a thing

Do you realize how hard it is to do things these days?

There. That’s the final judgement on all of that.

What’s the best or worst thing about your generation?

Tell us in the comments.