Ah, relationships. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

It feels like we spend at least half our energy in life just trying to tweak our partnerships to get ’em just right, like futzing with the AC on a hot day, except there’s sex involved. It can lead to some of our greatest comforts and joys, and our most significant pains and sorrows. Faced with a subject that vastly meaningful, it seems that we can only stand in awe, and tweet about it.

Here are 10 singlehood tweets to help us all comprehend just what the hell we’re even doing.

10. Hate and hate alike

There’s a delicate balancing act to be struck here.

9. The side eye

I’ve heard worse reasons not to sign a lifelong contract.

8. Currency conversion

Try as I might I can find no flaw in this reasoning.

7. Picture perfect

Can you also erase them from my memory, Eternal Sunshine style?

6. Catch-22

What can we say but yikes.


5. Calculating…

I’m expecting a large refund for this.

4. Consider the following

Oops my finger slipped.


3. Hot singles in your area

You don’t have to be far away to be far away.

2. The final countdown

Oh boy I’m due any minute now!


1. Divorce Selfie

Divorce Selfie.

We as a species may never fully get the hang of navigating relationships, but we sure can have some good times along the way. Plus we can tweet jokes at each other about our pain, so in the end, it’s all pretty worthwhile.

On a scale from 1-10, how single are you right now?

Describe your situation in the comments.