Sorry to bother you – honestly, I’ll be out of your hair in just a second, so sorry, but I just have a quick question.

Are you an introvert?

I just thought – and again, so sorry – that since you’d clicked on the title of this page you might be an introvert, and I am too, so maybe you’d – guh – maybe you’d like to see these tweets about it? And like them? I mean, you don’t have to LIKE them, but I hope you enjoy – I mean.

Ugh, nevermind, forget it, I’m sorry, I’m going home now, here are some tweets.

10. Pump the breaks

I’d rather you just straight up steal my money, gas pump.

9. People need not apply

The bond between me and somebody’s dog is the strongest in nature.

8. If you can’t say anything nice

My friends have unflattering impressions of me struggling to take compliments.

7. Answering the call

If you’re really in trouble shoot me a text.

6. Dog problems

Nah, that’s normal and healthy and good.

5. The thought that counts

I mean I’d never go but don’t you even like me?

4. Eye see you

Up to three whole seconds of it, even.

3. Red alert

I’ve made a terrible accidental mistake.

2. People person

Just leave me here to die.

1. The quiet life

Oh, Daria. So dry. So disaffected.

Again, sorry to have bothered you with those. Unless you liked them? Let’s never speak again.

How introverted are you?

Tell us in the comments if you can muster that level of social interaction.