Twitter is in the headlines all the time.

It’s a regular part of mainstream reporting on just about anything now. But you know what never makes the news? Just somebody tweeting something funny that I liked. Why is that? Is it because “nobody cares about that” and “it’s not important to our national discourse?” Or is it that the media are cowards who are afraid of a good time? I’ll let YOU decide.

In the meantime, here are some random funny tweets that I find newsworthy all on their own.

10. Cheap but satisfying

Yeah, I think I’ve made my selection.

9. Very alarming

Remember when we went places and looked ways?

8. Be chairful

It’s all smooth fun until you trip and those things scatter as loudly as possible.

7. Ball from grace

I mean, she’s not technically wrong.

6. Oh my God, it’s back again

Does EVERYBODY have to rock their body? I’m kinda tired.

5. Friendly fire

I’m not on speaking terms with any animal except my cat, and that’s pretty one-sided.

4. Shocking stories

Don’t stare, he’s very self-conscious.

3. Pit of sin

I mean, Jesus was the first to roll the rock away.

2. The talking phase

Let’s circle back in a decade or so.

1. Everything in order

Crazy how nature do that.

In our top story tonight – the list is now over. I hope you feel as informed and intellectually fulfilled as I did. And now you can go back to learning about real news stories, I guess, if you dare.

What’s your favorite thing about Twitter? What’s your least favorite?

Tell us in the comments.