There are plenty of times when I log into Twitter hoping to follow up on some news, get hot takes on the goings on in the world, connect with others in my industry, or other “business” related things.

Other times, I just want people to make me laugh with their pithy observations and short-form comedy.

And you know what? If people can do both at the same time, I’m absolutely delighted.

10. It certainly feels that way, right?

I say this as someone who already worked from home and definitely can confirm.

9. They say people don’t change for a reason.

Just think how good it will feel to click “nope.”

8. Oooh I never thought about that.

But now I am certain that is what happened.

7. Listen, we’re all bored, okay?

But some of us are trying to keep babies in bed.

6. Seriously, it has to be boredom.

It absolutely cannot be national pride.

5. The nuances of our world are many.

Aliens would have a hard time impersonating us, I think.

4. The use of the full name, though.

It really elevates the entire tweet.

3. Nope, nope, I see it too.

So do you don’t lie.

2. I cannot believe this sign was necessary.

But also I can very much believe it.

1. That’s enough to make anyone’s day.

Tell me I’m wrong.

That last pic just has me in stitches. And I am absolutely delighted, y’all.

How about you? Which of these did you like?

Let us know in the comments how you feel about this list!