If you’d have asked me as a kid what 2020 would look like, I don’t know what I’d have said, but *gestures vaguely* all this wouldn’t be it. But humans are a resilient species. There really is no event or era so strange that they can’t find it within themselves to meme and joke about it. And to me, that’s kind of more beautiful than all the inspirational speeches in the world.

Enjoy these 10 tweets that really capture the moment better than I could ever hope to.

10. It’s a Toast’em Pop-up at best

9. Introverts are in their natural habitat

8. My soul is in Heaven

7. No need to get prison jacked

6. Don’t be selfish

5. We’re not savages

4. It’s the little lies you miss the most

3. This is essential business


2. Those can be done now

1. I want credit for this house arrest

It’s heartwarming. It’s inspiring. It’s going to make me laugh and cry simultaneously. Thanks, Twitter.

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