We do a lot of Twitter round ups in these parts, but this one is by ladies and for ladies. I mean, I’m not a lady. But I didn’t write any of these tweets. So think of me more as a tour guide to point out the works of art that are these posts, and let’s appreciate them together. Feel free to touch, though, since you’ll probably need to in order to scroll through.

Here are 10 quite good very great tweets especially for women.

10. Seize the moment

(OK real talk from a guy, this is the quickest possible way to start some trust issues.)


9. Coco nuts

Why the hell would he ask that? What’s wrong with him?

8. A matter of perspective

Hey, this is all of us. And if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that nobody looks good in the video chat.

7. Higher ground

See, if I did this, the whole thing would come crashing down and I’d get banned from the grocery store. Again.


6. Stretch and flex

So it’s basically like an involuntary yoga thing.


5. Color commentary

The real question is: do they all still fit?

4. How low can you go

Looking like you don’t care takes a lot of effort.

3. Pocket monsters

When will the fashion revolution finally be at hand?

2. Dry wit

OK, this phenomenon I genuinely don’t understand. Who the hell DOESN’T like showers?

1. 50 shades

Fun fact: generally speaking, women tend to actually, physically be able to perceive more colors than men.


This concludes our tour of the gallery. Please feel free to take any of the artwork with you if you’d like. We’re a very chill museum.

Who are your favorite women on Twitter to follow?

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