Science is serious business. It’s kind of the foundation of modern life and the method by which we understand the physical workings of our universe. Doing proper science means lots of repetition, tons of scrutiny, overwhelming bouts of trial and error, meticulous record keeping, harsh peer review, huge amounts of education, and even with all of that, you might dedicate years or even a lifetime to studying something without making much significant progress. It’s probably no wonder then that even scientists need to blow off some steam and inject a little bit of fun into their work, right?

That’s what this thread on Tumblr kicked off by user fuckingflying is all about. Consider this a textbook on goofing around in the sciences, particularly when it comes to naming things. After all, one of the big perks of discovery is getting to decide what a thing is called; and why should it always be serious?

Chapter 1: Linguistic Anthropology and Monkey Men

Chapter 2: Genetic Classification and Video Games

Chapter 3: Biogeochemistry and Carnival Rides

Chapter 4: Medical Genetics, Computer Science, Eating, and Sneezing

Chapter 5: Programming and Moth Memes

That last paragraph really sums it up pretty perfectly. Remember, scientists are just people. They’re out there doing the hard work that allows us to enjoy all the advantages and comforts of modernity, so cut ’em some slack. Let them have their silly names. And maybe buy them a beer or something.

What’s the funniest science fact you know?

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