The other day I was talking to a friend about how different this year had been for her since she started working her office job from home. She told me that she really missed her coworkers and was definitely getting fed up being stuck inside the house all the time, “but on the bright side,” she added, “at least when I’m on my period now I don’t have to deal with any idiots in person.”

That definitely made me stop and think. I mean, periods are so disruptive and annoying that not having to deal with their full force is like, almost making 2020 worthwhile? Absolutely wild. And clearly she’s not the only person who feels that way, as evidenced by these 10 great tweets about periods just being the worst.

10. Bless you

The struggle is real.

9.  Wakanda forever

“We don’t do that here.”

8. Ovary actions

This whole tweet is a wild ride start to finish.

7. Stop. Grammar time.

I see what you did there.

6. Murder mystery

How anyone can feel comfortable in a bathroom that doesn’t lock is beyond me.

5. Kitty love

Ok but like how cute was the cat? That might also go a ways to explaining it.

4. Growing pains

Kid, I have got some GREAT news for you.

3. Quick adjustments

Gotta be stealthy about it.

2. Cat attack

It’s time to paws for reflection.

1. Signalling

I’m sure everyone would be absolutely scandalized to learn that you have a uterus.

I guess if there’s an incredibly faint silver lining to be found around the pitch black cloud that is 2020, it’s that when we’re feeling at our worst, we don’t have to put up with each others’ crap as much? And that’s something? So, take that periods. Gotcha.

What do you think about that theory?

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