You ever heard the term “work-a-day-world?” Probably not. It hasn’t really been uttered since maybe the 1960’s and even then nobody really knew what the heck it meant.

It just sort of captures a feeling. Like days are for work and work is for days but what the combined sum of either of those things is for is beyond us.

It’s a tough thing to make sense of, the working life. But these tweets are sure gonna try.

10. Pants time

It’s less and less of the time every day.

9. Good vibes only

Look, I’m certain, but I’m not happy.

8. A brief call

This is going to take all the strength remaining in my body.

7. On the spot

Who exactly needs to give who notice here?

6. Life hack

Can’t be late for work if you don’t work anywhere.

5. The disaster zone

I knew I was important. I knew I was the glue that held this place together.
I just knew it in my heart.

4. The paradox

We spend all this time hunting for things we don’t actually want to do.

3. Think fast

Yeah, I’ll pass thanks.

2. The struggle

They’ve have literally decades to work on this software, you’d think they’d have figured this out by now.

1. 9 to when?

Be brave – be the person who just leaves first.

Now you should probably stop reading all these tweets and get back to work. But if you don’t, we won’t tell.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had and why?

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