Compliments make us all feel good. Except when they make us feel…decidedly stranger.

What’s the weirdest compliment you ever received?
byu/Smalie inAskReddit

Here are some odd ones that stuck with the people of Reddit.

1. Sweet and Spicy

A random woman outside a café beside a train station, as I get chased by a wasp:

“You smell very sweet and spicy, that’s why he’s chasing you. Its very nice!”

Thank you random lady, 2 years later and I’ll never forget.

– Martini_Man_

2. The large, bright aura

I was told by a random lady walking past me in the mall that I had a really large, bright aura.

I looked at her kinda confused and she just said she was gifted that way and to have a nice day and kept walking…

– wtfdoicare

3. The Colorado Buddy

“You look you’d be fun to take to Colorado” said the man to me, in a gas station.

He liked my choice of beer. I’m just broke and PBR isn’t that bad

– DidYouEatToday

4. Real calves

I went to Mexico with a buddy about 10 years ago and we were drinking with a bunch of people. Well another group of people were standing near us and kept looking over and whispering to each other, staring at us until finally a few of them approached us.

The one guy looks at me and says “are your calves real?” I was like ughhhhh yeah.. they’re real, he turns to his friends and yells “they’re real!” They all proceed to walk over and talk to us. A group of maybe 10 people complimented me on my calves, it was very weird.

– CdnRageBear

5. The normal d**k

“Your d**k is normal but you could shape up a bit”

Alternatively, while doing CPR on an inmate, a nurse showed up to relieve me and before doing so said, “ you look like you’re good with your hands. How else do you use them?”

– TheRavingRaccoon

6. Good luck

My first child had been born a few weeks ago.

I came back to work and one of the bosses said, “Oh, congratulations on your….on your news…yeah…good luck with that.”

– klt2

7. Nice little hat

“I like your little hat” – a girl working the Whole Foods Checkout.

I was having a socially awkward day and she was a bit awkward too. I think she found something endearing in how I was being and felt compelled to say something nice to me.

It was just a basic wool hat/beanie for winter, not even that little. I still appreciated it and she was kinda cute.

– iStealyournewspapers

8. Hot ketchup

Obligatory not me, but during a high school spring trip to NYC, someone told my classmate (in red top and pants) she looked like a sexy bottle of ketchup.

Secondly, while picking up after a city festival around 2 AM a guy came drunk out of a bar and yelled to the group of us “Hey trash girls, you can pick me up.”


– MatchaMatchsticks

9. The young boxer

I worked at a restaurant when I was 17 and a man came up to me and asked me if I could talk to this boy he had with him.

He told me that the boy thought I was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen and that I needed to talk to him because he was training for a boxing match and he needed to be free from distractions.

In short, his logic was, I needed to go over and talk to the young man so that he wouldn’t be thinking about me during his boxing training. It was very strange.

– Mysterious_Explorer4

10. The threat

An older gentleman I regularly walk by on my way to work and have never exchanged words with randomly said to me one day “I don’t know whether you want to beat me up or kill me, but you look at me with those beady little eyes and it’s scary. But you are a sweetheart I love you, I do” and honestly, as a petite young lady who tries to look intimidating as I walk alone, my day was made.

– yellow_birdie

11. The Trenta of you

I work as a barista at Starbucks and I have some interesting stories. One time this guy came in and ordered a Carmel Frappe.

I asked him if that was all for him and he said, “Yes, unless I can get a Trenta of you with my order.”

Now I’m very easily flustered so I immediately started blushing and he looked me right in my eyes and said, “You look beautiful with a blush across your face. It looks like a rose that was flattened by a car.”

Now I’m no flirt master, but I don’t think that’s how you get a girl.

– av0cad0-cat

12. Being preggo

Someone new started up at my work a while ago. The first thing she says to me is – “You’re so pretty, I love pregnant women!”

To which I responded in the most blunt way possible – “oh yeah I’m loving it. I’m about 15 months along now!”

The person walked away. The next day our manager said she quit

– TrApartmaker

13. Get that cake

Had a girl tell me “you have an a** that makes me want to eat cheesecake off it” at a party.

Just walked up and turned me around to say it……stunned so much I just stood and was speechless for a few min.

– xFacevaluex

14. The dark side and the cow

A 5-year-old boy walked up to my boyfriend at my nephew’s birthday party and said, “you look evil, but I think that’s cool”.

I was ringing up a customer when I worked in retail. She asked if anyone had ever told me that I had really beautiful COW EYES. I said, “…what?”. She told me that cows have the most beautiful eyes in the animal kingdom and that my eyes are exactly like that.

– NoDamageNocturne

15. Whut

My bf said everyday the more he looked at me the more he was reminded of my mum. Especially my a**. He said we had the same a**. In a good way.


– 27stabs

There are some real strange folks out there.

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