If anyone ever told you that you’d never be one of the great minds of history – that you could never hope to match the brain power of the hailed philosophers of our species, then they were wrong. Very wrong.

All you need to have deep thoughts are a brain, and an internet connection. The brain will help you ponder. The internet connection will provide you with prompts to help you think deeply.

Today those prompts are coming from the hallowed halls of Twitter. Here are ten tweets that will really make you think.

10. Will it truly give you wings?

Or were the wings within us all this time?

9. What is the cost of your morality?

Everyone has their price. For many of us, it is not high.

8. Why do we seek that which we do not want?

(It’s because of money, this one isn’t that hard.)

7. Who knows us better than we know us?

Nearly everybody, it turns out.

6. What do the seasons bring?

Cuffing, theft, and all of these things.

5. Where does a journey end?

And who can truly know its middle?


4. What happens to a wave unreciprocated?

Pray you never find out.

3. What is the meaning of this?

REALLY pray you never find out.

2. What happens after death?

Or for that matter, before?


Expensive, probably.

Some truly deep thoughts to dwell in. We’ll leave your minds to process them now.

What’s something deep you’ve been thinking about lately?

Tell us in the comments. And think on.