Oh boy… we’re all having “a week” aren’t we?

Well, it’s about to get a lot better because we’ve found 10 tasty tweets that are sure to make you laugh with glee.

And, bonus, they’re all written by women! So now you can say you’ve done your part of feminism this week!

That was easy…

1. I promise! I’m always like this!

2. I’ve tried this and it works PERFECTLY


3. I can have it both ways, and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise…


4. I want that chocolate bar…

5. Just Aunt probs… no biggie…


6. “Oh, you think I should have kids, do you?”

7. Ahem… bad bitches… take note!

8. The struggle is real… tiny


9. Oh those crazy Russians!

10. WTF is this stuff????


Alright, so now that you’ve laughed at least 10 times… what are you doing this weekend? Any plans? Because we’ve got a bunch of other posts you should check out.

Until then, be good, stay safe, and let us know your fave tweets from this list… in the comments!