Look, we both know that you’re supposed to be working right now.

Maybe you’re at the office or maybe you’re at home, but instead of being all productive like you’re expected to be, you’re staring at your phone or your computer and trying to make your face look like it’s pointed at important, relevant work stuff.

And in a way, your face is not lying.

Because these tweets are all about work stuff, and in that regard, they’re very relevant. So read on.

10. Five days of suffering

It’s funny but it’s bleak but it’s also funny.
…in a very bleak way.


9. The update

It’s all about the wording, baby.

8. Answering the call

There are two types of communication in this world.


7. In this economy?

I prefer to let my emails age on the vine, like grapes for a fine wine.

6. The grind

The thing about all that is, it’s supposed to have a result.

5. Working NINE TO FIVE

What a way to make a liiiivin’.

4. The door policy

If only we could all be so wise at this one.


3. No downtime

No matter what, you can pretty much always find time for internet nonsense.

2. F*** this s**t I’m out

Sorry, find somebody else to bother now.

1. Up the corporate ladder

Well, when you put it that way…

Alright, you can get back to work now. Or keep wasting time. We won’t tell either way. We’re a website, not your boss.

What’s the best or worst job you’ve ever had?

Tell us about either in the comments.