You ready for some M. Night Shyamalan style twists? ‘Cause we’re about to blow your minds.

First twist – did you know that you’ve almost definitely been pronouncing that director’s name wrong? Seriously. It’s kind of difficult to explain the pronunciation via standard text here, but go look up how it’s supposed to sound.

You’ve been saying it wrong for years, haven’t you? Boom.

But we’re not just here to talk about ever-declining masters of cinematic weirdness. We’re here to look at twists in a different context: that of the humble tweet.

Let’s get in there and get our expectations subverted.

10. I am Steve Rodgers?

These colors and design elements are common to like, tons of flags.
But we’re America so it’s the only one that counts.

9. Two by two

I see you living your life and sneaking past, well done lions.

8. The takeover

You can’t possibly do any worse than we already have.

7. Beat with me

It’s almost unbearable where this goes.

6. Mind the gap

Everything comes down to pronunciation.

5. In the hood

Hey man, I don’t make the rules around here. I just calls ’em like I sees ’em.

4. If I ran the zoo

I’ve already said too much. I must go.

3. The cooler

There are some jobs where this just isn’t appropriate.

2. Oh, baby

You can’t fool me, I know the rules of road engagement.

1. Cut me in

Oh believe me, there’s LOTS more where that came from.

What a twist!

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