It’s rough out there. It’s good to take a break from all the negativity every once in a while and remind ourselves that, despite everything, the world really is quite full of uplifting stories and actions. A kind gesture, an encouraging word, a loving reminder; these all go quite a long way.

So let these 10 samples of wholesome make your heart a little lighter.

10. Joke or choke

There are little victories to be found every single day.

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9. Doggo attack

He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die.

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8. Ebony and ivory

I promise to love him forever and ever.

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7. Much love

You’re the best.

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6. Weight for it

Dude, it’s fine.

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5. Sergeant Pupper

Hi fren. Wat doin? I give camera a big important face.

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4. Type righter

“Like the ring around the sun, a crown.”

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3. Furball

This is a cute chunk of snow and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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2. There’s always tomorrow

Enjoy the present when you can, embrace the future always.

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11. Wheel feels

I wonder what’s going through his head?

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Hope you enjoyed those little bits of happiness. Take ’em with you for the rest of the day. Maybe go watch some Bob Ross. Remember there’s good in the world.

What’s something positive you’ve encountered lately?

Tell us in the comments.