“For most of human history, the pun was a sign of intelligence, of wit, of insight, of wisdom,” says foreign correspondent and former Presidential speechwriter John Pollack in his book The Pun Also Rises, “Lawyers punned, judges punned in their judgements, even condemned criminals would pun on the gallows to show that ‘hey, I’m not so low; I still have eloquence, I still have wit, I am a worthy human being.'”

When you put it that way, puns seem downright noble. Maybe the horrible dad jokes I’ve been inflicting on my friends all these years have, in fact, been a part of a very important lineage of sophisticated wordplay and an assertion of my dignity.

Orrrr maybe they’re just really bad puns. Either way, this collection by the good folks at Pun Hub (@punhubonline) on Instagram, is worth at least a few laughs/eye rolls. Check ’em out.

10. Summer heat

You gotta say this one out loud.


9. Language barrier

Let me put this simply.


8. Spill the tea

This plane compilation has four installments.


7. Dad on arrival

He’d be proud to hear this.


6. Sheepish answers

He keeps going through sheer wool power.


5. Kamikaze

Everybody look what’s going down.


4. One Wush

But wull he wush to set hum free?


3. Updog’s revenge

Communicate one step at a time.


2. He’s got the chops

Why do you axe?


1. Water you watching?

It’s so clear.


Truly, these are the noblest of human creations. They should be spread far and wide, and preserved for our posterity.

What’s your favorite pun, if you had to pick one?

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