The Peace Corps is an organization that let’s anybody join and experience cultures outside of their own and do some really great work for communities in need around the world.

The program certainly seems attractive for folks who want to travel the world and help others… but what is it like actually doing the hard work day in and day out?

Today we’ve got some interesting stories from 10 volunteers who share their journey with the Peace Corps. These are VERY honest confessions, from why they joined to the truly shocking experiences they had.

Here’s what they had to say.

10. Well, that escalated quickly!

Yeah, but you haven’t spent your whole life with them yet…

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9. You can never run away from your problems.

They’ll always follow you because they’re within you.

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8. Hey you! Why do you love being peaceful?!?

Maybe hippie was a slur back in the day, but who hates being called that now?

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7. Boom! Now that’s a plan!

No idea the gender of this person, but let’s hope a pregnancy didn’t follow.

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6. OMFG… what is with these sexcapades?

Is this really a thing?!

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5. Sometimes being a world away helps.

Toxic family members SUCK.

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4. So… you’re going to miss meaningless sex?

Can’t you get that anywhere?

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3. Okay, but just don’t die.

Seriously… don’t die.

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2. That’s one way to tell if you should just GTFO.

Seriously, move somewhere else where people will value you.

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1. Now THAT is what I love seeing.

The ideal Peace Corps experience, right?

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Now that you’ve read those stories… a small part of you wants to join, right? Heck, even I’m thinking about it a LITTLE. But only a little.

Let us know where you’d want to go if you joined!

Do that in the comments!