Eviction sucks for everyone involved, and landlords can sometimes get a bad rap as being heartless, greedy people. After all, they are business owners, and part of being in business is having standards.

Still, sometimes the stigma that comes along with the heartless, greedy landlord is COMPLETELY earned,.

Today, we’re taking a look at the good, the bad and the ugly situations of the tenant/landlord relationship.

Fair warning… anybody who has ever been kicked out of their place could be triggered by this.

11. Lazy landlord = cozy tenant

More landlords like this!

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10. Boo hoo… what a tough life.

Sorry that you have to do something in order to make your money.

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9. Wow… this guy sounds like a real winner.

So sorry that your collection got destroyed.

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8. A legit argument.

NOBODY should enjoy this stuff.

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7. That is A LOT of money.

One would think she’d have government assistance?

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6. Heartbreaking situation.

Is business just business? Is profit guranteed?

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5. I guess that’s part of the job.

That’s what happens when you’re dealing with somebody’s home.

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4. Well, this is going to change soon.

Sounds like this guy just doesn’t like the smell of weed.

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3. That’s a weird situation.

How are they a risk to his health? Hmmm…

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2. Come on… why would you do this?

Ugh… that’s some heartless s**t!

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1. Hahaha… that is pretty funny.

What did you say?

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So… how do you feel after all those stories?

Anything feel too familiar? Have a story of your own?

Let us know in the comments!