What are you gonna get when you open up Tumblr? Nobody knows. Could be literally anything.
Imagine a thing so weird that it couldn’t possibly show up. That’s what you’re going to find. Imagine something so mundane that you can’t even think of it. That’s there as well.

It’s a marvelous random crap shoot and I couldn’t possibly live without it.

Here are ten prime examples of random Tumblr that will make you say “What?”

10. Cutting wit

The future is coming spoon.


9. Curse of the too much free time

“Bobby did you ruin my good amulet AGAIN?”


8. Nosedive

These new safety measures are really state of the art.


7. Note to self

This is what Skyrim was designed for.


6. A brush with comedy

Is this the Seinfeld dentist in real life?


5. A page out of history

My amusement cannot be found.


4. A strange meating

When will people “learn” that you “shouldn’t” use “quotation marks” for “emphasis.”


3. Cold truths

2020 Olympics: who can stay inside the longest without screaming?


2. Sweet release

What’s your religion, mine’s whatever this is.


1. Mystical powers

Take a rock on the wild side.


There may not be much of a rhyme or reason to what we find on Tumblr, but at least it’s always interesting. How many places on the internet can you really say that about? We need the weird. We need the interesting. We gotta keep it alive. Keep doing what you do best, Humans of Tumblr.

What’s your favorite kind of stuff to find on Tumblr?

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