There’s something about hotels and airports that just makes both a little bit not real.

You’re not quite at home, you’re not quite in public. You’re just passing through, but you’re also trying to get comfortable.

It’s a liminal space, and if you spend enough time there, you might just start to feel super weird.

So imagine what it’s like to work in a place like that, and watch all the strange people behave strangely in their strange environment.

Then imagine no more, because we’ve got real folks ready to tell their stories here.

10. The big fight

You gotta REALLY need to get away from somebody for that.

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9. That sinking feeling

Makes you wonder with horror who the target was.

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8. This ain’t a hospital

I guess you never know where you’re gonna be.

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7. Poop’s on

There’s literally a toilet like ten feet away.

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6. Wild nights

That sounds like an awful lot to deal with.

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5. Sleepwalk with me

Any chance it was Mike Birbiglia?

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4. Try not to laugh

Kids are gonna be kids, ya know?

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3. The incident

So weird how one thing leads to another.

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2. A room with a view

The guy is surprising, the dog is shocking.

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1. Oh, baby

And then I’m guessing he didn’t poop for a month.

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Well, there you have it. Hotels are horror shows and should never be used by anyone for any reason.

What’s your craziest work story?

Tell us in the comments.